Rochelle DeLong

President, Gallup StrengthsFinder Certified

PHONE 208.643-5605


Rochelle worked in the family business (Franklin Building Supply) with her dad starting first as bookkeeper and then as a technology implementer. After college, she worked for Weyerhaeuser (in Washington state) where she focused her expertise on Technology. When she moved back to Boise, she pivoted her technology skills into a technical writing career. In 2001, Rochelle founded Perfect Order, a highly-successful company that provides organizing services to individuals and small businesses. It was here she honed her skill as a business owner and built on her knowledge about how to help people and businesses thrive. She sold Perfect Order in 2010 to start Consilio Business Managers – turning her attention to her bigger vision: to bring a strengths-based culture into small business.

  • #1 Travel Destination

    Italy. I love the history, the beauty, the style, and relaxed vibe
  • Inspiration

    Jimmy Carter inspires me by his continuous pursuit of worldwide peacemaking. As a mediator myself, I hope that his work inspires the next generation to be curious about what it takes to make more peace.
  • As a Castaway...

    I'm tempted to say I'd want my favorite book, a deck of cards, and a swimsuit, I'd likely prefer more practical things: a hardcore tent, stainless steel water bottle, and tough knife.
  • Best Reads

    In our world of personality and loud, Quiet by Susan Cain inspired me to embrace my quiet. 'Solitude matters, and for some people, it's the air they breathe.'
  • Superhero

    My superheroes are my parents. They are some of the most grounded and giving people I know. They raised five biological kids plus many of our friends and neighbors — which means I have more than just four siblings now. It feels like I have 50. Then they turned their attention to a business and raising good citizens through employment, and that work has continued for over 35 years. Their latest chapter is raising and bettering the cat herd in Boise via Simply Cats. They just never stop. So they are my favorite superheroes.



Business Administration with emphases in Technology and Sociology.

  • Founder: Perfect Order
  • Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
  • 2015 Workplace Magazine Business Intelligence Board