Maricela Almeida

Operations Manager/Spanish-English Trainer



Maricela attended the University of Boise State where she graduated with a B.S.

from the department of Health Promotion along with a minor in Spanish. She

spent nine years of her professional career working for a nonprofit organization,

Girl Scouts of Silver Sage Council. Maricela’s team orienting attitude has

empowered her to be triumphant in resolving and achieving positive outcomes in

stressful and conflicting environments. She devoted countless amounts of her

schedule creating processes and procedures, and restructuring handbooks,

along with Word and Excel documents. Maricela’s diverse supervisory

responsibilities comprised of her full involvement and leadership qualities in

various advisory committees, and assisting in generating trainings essentials for

employees and volunteers. Her expertise provided the initiative of undertaking

many other projects that needed to get done. She has a passion for seeing

others thrive.

  • # 1 Travel Destination

    Hawaii. My family and I just love the beach and Hawaii had the most amazing beaches I had ever seen. I hope to continue to travel the world and explore more beaches.
  • Inspiration

    My parents are my inspiration. They both have taught me to never give up and that there is good in everything. Their support and love for their four beautiful daughters is endless. They both work so hard no matter what, and that is were my strong work ethic comes from. I love them both to pieces!
  • SuperHero

    I would have to say Superman thanks to my husband. He is a huge fan of Superman. What I love about Superman is his selflessness, compassion and the desire to always do the right thing.


Boise State University, BS in Health Promotion; Minor in Spanish