Our mission is to coach and support grounded, engaged and connected leaders who want to be a force for good. A Consilio client has three ingredients:

  • Our clients lead people. They come to us in many shapes, states and sizes. CEOs with many employees, small business owners who lead a few freelancers, or professionals who want to learn how to lead people. If you are leading or want to lead, Consilio fits you.
  • Our clients are ready to change. Our mission is to help leaders become grounded, engaged and connected. If you come with an open mind, are willing to listen to the lessons and do the work, Consilio fits you.
  • Our clients add to their community. A force for good is what we want leaders to be. If you are using your leadership powers to affect positive change in your community, Consilio fits you.

Consilio has business coaches on staff, which are quite different from business consultants. A business consultant offers you analysis and recommendations. A business coach partners with you on an ongoing basis to figure things out and get things done.

Consilio takes a productive approach rather than an academic approach. We blend in theory with reality. We partner with you to gather the data, clarify the vision, develop the plan and we stick by your side as you move through change.

We offer a lot of services and products — by design — but it can make for a confusing maze. To answer the “where do I start question,” we start with your most pressing challenge.

I want managers and leaders in my organization to have a way to keep learning.
Start with Actionable Conversations.

I want our managers to be empowered to manage performance better.
Start with Performance Managment .

I want a work culture where people perform at their best.
Start with Culture Development.

I want to improve my team’s culture but I don’t know where to start.
Start with Clifton StrengthsFinder.

My team needs to spend time together to build camaraderie but I don’t have time to figure it out.
Start with Team Building.

I’m not sure I know where I’m going. I want to clarify my vision.
Start with Strategic Planning.

I have a business challenge I don’t know how to solve.
Start with Executive Coaching.

I want to be a leader some day, but I don’t know where to start.
Start with Strengths Coaching.

Measuring human behavior is fairly new territory for business.

High performing teams use their strengths every day in their work.  An engaged team is more profitable, more productive, will have less accidents, are less likely to quit or steal.  We are a proud partner with Populous, Actionable Conversations and Gallup.  an innovative marketing and research firm. We can measure employee engagement using tools that have a platform to gather the analytics behind the data including The Best Places to Work in Idaho, Actionable Conversations as well as the Gallup Q12 report.


We offer single 30-minute coaching sessions, to multi-year engagements to improve a culture and everything in between.

Connected to the previous question, it depends on how long we are going to work with you and how much we’ll be doing. We provide clients a customized proposal based on their business need.

You bet! We have a variety of ways to work with clients outside Boise.

Travel to you: Many of our workshops and coaching achieve the best results in-person, so we can make arrangements to bring our workshops to your place of business. Further work can easily be done via phone and webinars.

Coach over the phone: Even locally, a lot of our success is achieved through phone coaching. We can coach by phone no matter where you are.

Coordinate a webinar: Several of our workshops are suited to a webinar approach. We can also customize a webinar to address your business needs.

Sometimes, but only as a means to an end. We strive to stay outside the lines of our client’s operations, as it is not the sustainable path. However, there are times where a leader calls on us to fill a temporary role lasting three to nine months. We work to keep a neat boundary on these engagements so they don’t veer into the land of dependence that may lead to lower performance, which is never our goal.

Yes, we give official Forces for Good in our communities a step up, which include non-profits and B Corps.

Consilio means advisor and on purpose in Latin. The word Consilio reflects our soul: it’s the why, how and what of who we are: We strive to be a valued coach to businesses who want to work with intention for a better world.