How do YOU learn on the job?

How do YOU learn on the job? Pay attention this week to how you learn best. Then next week multiply that style to get big rewards!   FUNDERS AND FOUNDERS NOTES We explain entrepreneurship and startups visually through infographics.

What Ignites Your Creative Energy? by Dave Gray

So many ideas, so little time and so little energy left over! Dig deep for more steam with one of these creative energy hacks.

Emotional Agility – by Susan David & Christina Congleton

The prevailing wisdom says that negative thoughts and feelings have no place at the office. But that goes against basic biology. All healthy human beings have an inner stream of thoughts and feelings that include criticism, doubt, and fear. David and Congleton have worked with leaders in various industries to build a critical skill they […]

The No. 1 Predictor Of Career Success According To Network Science

Article Posted Feb 05, by Michael Simmons This Simple Variable Explains What Really Causes Career Success It has been over three years since Steve Jobs died. Since then, books have been written and movies have been made. Each has celebrated his legacy and aimed to share the secrets he used to build the largest company […]

It’s the Company’s Job to Help Employees Learn

It’s the Company’s Job to Help Employees Learn Tomas Chamorro-PremuzicMara Swan JULY 18, 2016 When Frederick Taylor published his pioneering principles of scientific management in 1912, the repetitive and mundane nature of most jobs required employees to think as little as possible. Breaking down each task into basic components and standardizing workers’ behaviors to eliminate […]